Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ever wish you could go on vacation but the high costs of airfare kept you from it? You may not have to buy expensive travel tickets anymore. By using proven secret tactics you can change the game to your favor and save hundreds of dollars and treat yourself to cheap airfare tickets.

In their greed, airlines have inadvertantly created loopholes in their marketing and ticketing systems to change the ticket prices to achieve higher returns. These loopholes can be utilized to your advantage to get incredibly cheap airfare. Hey, they are exploiting your spending and planning habits to the airline's advantage; you should turn the tables in your favor and use their greedy practices against them.

With the surge in the 90's of online travel sites, most people think that they are getting great deals on airline tickets. Websites like Expedia, Orbitz and Travelocity show you what "seems to be" the cheapest way to get airline tickets. The truth is that while these sites show a marked improvement when you compare them with travel agencies, the true secrets to get ridiculously cheap airline tickets is still very much hidden.

Every year the price of travel keeps on soaring as gas prices go up. These hikes in cost, along with all the fees and taxes attached to the airline tickets, make having a vacation a way to go somewhere and live like a homeless person at a foreign destination.

I have stumbled across a book that reveals a way to get unbelievably cheap airline tickets; curiously enough because the person revealing them is doing it out to get the airlines back for making him loose his job. As it turns-out airline insiders have known these secrets for years and laughing at the prices you and your family are paying today to go on vacation every year.

How much can you save by applying these "secret" tactics? By exploiting loopholes in the mayor airlines ticketing systems it is possible for you to save hundreds of dollars. The information is so hot, that the airlines are threatening to sue the owner of this program so that he doesn't reveal these tactics to the public. It is possible that they will not be available if he decides to pull the product from his website. If he does, those who did not buy it on time will continue to live at the mercy of the airline industry greedy practices.

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